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The Ant and the Grasshopper

  • Leon Rosselson
  • The ant and the grasshopper
    Everyone knows how the story goes
    How the ant was diligent never spent anything lightly
    Laboured wisely and gathered his store for tomorrow
    As for the grasshopper
    Glad of the summer sunshine
    Light as the wind on the broken water
    His song he gave to the summer days, singing
    Where the dance leads I'll follow

    Then came a hard winter
    Nothing grew and the cold wind blew
    But the ant was safe and sound underground carefully counting
    His pile around him dividing his time until tomorrow
    Now see the grasshopper
    Blown by the north wind's fury
    Hungering for the easy summer
    Comes to the ant and says, My brother give me bread
    Now is the dance that I must follow

    Why did you waste the summer
    Summers dont last forever
    You're just an idle beggar
    You must pay the price, sacrifice
    You wouldn't heed me you took life easy
    Take the punishment that follows
    Now see the grasshopper reel like a dry leaf falling
    Weaving a dance that'll last forever

    Back goes the ant to his nest
    To work to feed to rest
    For him there will always be tomorrow

    repeat 1

    (as sung by Martin Carthy)

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