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Take me to Andorra Andorra Andorra
Take me to Andorra
It's the land that I adore
They spend four dollars and ninety cents
On armanents and their defence
Did you ever see such confidence
Andorra hip hooray

  • In the mountains of the Pyrenees there's an independent state
    Population five thousand - I think they're simply great
    It's only a few square miles around but that's the place for me
    They spend less than five dollars on armaments so this I've got to see

  • Their leaders are a council, simple men but wise
    Spend less than five dollars on armaments the rest on cakes and pies
    No tanks no guns no missiles no planes to sweep the sky
    Only a box of fireworks for the fourth day of July (see below)

  • So I went down to Westminster my newspaper in hand
    I spoke to every member of Maggie Thatcher's band
    I said, See what they've done in Andorra they put us all to shame
    If they can do it so can we, we`ll get there just the same

  • But the general said, My dear boy you just don't understand
    We need these things to feel secure in our great and glorious land
    I said, If security's what you need I'll buy a couch for you
    A psychiatrist is cheaper and a damn sight safer too

(as sung by Iain MacKintosh & Hamish Imlach)


Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • english [1990:] Some years ago we discovered that in Monaco the state orchestra is bigger than the state army. Then we discovered there is a place in Europe even better than that, twenty years before perestroika. In Andorra, the whole state army fit into a telephone kiosk. They haven't really got any, they just put on their uniforms once a year.
    (Intro Hamish Imlach)

  • english [1993:] You can make up a song out of many an item in the newspaper. The journalist has already done half your job for you. [...] Malvina Reynolds was similarly helped to write Andorra. It was a three-inch item in the New York Times. Years later I met the newspaper reporter in Andorra. He knew just what he was doing. [...] There's two verses I added [nos. 3 and 4 above; he leaves out Reynolds' no. 3

    • They live by the arts of farm and field, and by making shoes and hats
      And they haven't got room in their tiny land for a horde of diplomats
      They haven't got room in their tiny land for armies to march about
      And if anyone comes with a war budget they throw the rascals out]

    On the fourth day of July - their independence day, not ours, of course.
    (Seeger, Flowers 111f)

  • english [2006:] Notes: words by Malvina Reynolds, music by Pete Seeger; copyright 1962 Brio Music, renewed 1990. a.k.a. "I Want to Go to Andorra!" Pete Seeger's recording of this song was issued on a CD in 2003 by the Andorran government. Also on the CD is a 1996 speech by the Andorran Foreign Minister given on the occasion of his signing the nuclear non-proliferation treaty at the U. S. State Department in Washington, D.C. (Malvina Reynolds website)

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    Quelle: USA   (Words Malvina Reynolds / ad. Pete Seeger, music Pete Seeger)

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