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The Amazing Satellite Picture Show

  • (Ian Walker)

    The satellite picture's coming round, coming round
    The satellite picture's coming round
    Stop for a while, give a big smile
    For the satellite picture's coming round

    You used to go to the picture show
    See the stars of the silver screen
    Now everyone's got the greasepaint on
    Looking to be seen

    Walking the dog, out for a jog
    It's the wonder of the age
    Give a glance, take a stance, do a dance, grab your chance
    All the world's a stage

    Like Yankee Doodle Cagney
    You can growl, You dirty rat
    If a magic trick makes you tick
    You'll end it, Just like that

    With your arms stretched high to the sky
    You go down on one knee and sing, Mammy
    And when the world's in tears you'll hear the cheers
    As they cry, Play it again Sammy

    When the cameras roll it's all action
    You'll be the new sensation
    As you smile and you wave, you rant and you rave
    For your Oscar nomination

    And then you retire to the wee room
    You're sittin' on the throne
    Peace and quiet from Hollywood
    You think you are alone - but

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1987:] They say satellites can read car number plates from space. Well, it is rumoured that Hollywood film producers have commissioned a satellite to look out, worldwide, for new film stars! So, next time you see buskers on the streets, they're not busking, they're auditioning! (Notes Ian Walker, 'Flying High')

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