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A man you meet every day

  • (John McCready)
  • I was just going on to do my first set
    When he greets me like a long-lost old friend
    Now I don't think that I'd ever seen him before
    And I don't want to see him again
    He tells me he's been on the folk scene for years
    There's nobody he doesnae know
    He's not a member of any club now
    He just dropped in to check out my show

    So I do the first set, then it's time for the break
    I sit down with my friends for the crack
    But who's this beside me - my heart sinks inside me
    You've guessed it, my old friend is back
    He talks about Christy, Eric and Dick
    Big Billy's name was there, too
    But if you mentioned his name to any of them
    They would just scratch their head and say, Who?

       It's not easy to be such a nice man as me
       Meeting people like that every day

    He tells me the problem with this club tonight
    The organisers just don't know the score
    He could fill this place twice over three times a week
    But he doesn't organise any more
    At festival time you can bet your last dime
    He avoids paying whenever he can
    He's the one talking through all the quiet songs
    If he's not, then he's playing his bodhran

       It's not easy to be ...

    So the second set's over, it went pretty well
    They like me, I'm up on a high
    But the limpet is back, I can't shake him off
    No matter how hard I try
    He stood at the bar with his back to the stage
    Telling jokes while I did my best
    And when I came to the second last word of each song
    He would always turn round and shout, Yes!

       It's not easy to be ...

    At last the night's over and it's time to go home
    And I wish he'd get out of my face
    But you know me, I always try to be nice
    But then he's an exceptional case
    You think you're God's gift to folk music, I said
    And I'd need you so I'll make the grade
    So how come they never ask you for a song
    And I was the one that got paid

       Which makes it easier to be such a nice man as me
       Meeting people like that every day

       You're so vain
       I bet you think this song is not about you -
       you're so vain

(as sung by Iain MacKintosh)


Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • english  [1991:] Glasgow singer John McCready provided me with this piece of ammunition. Every folksinger has at some time been a victim of the character described in John's song.
    (Notes Iain MacKintosh, 'Just My Cup of Tea')

See also
Carly Simon, You’re so vain for the original of the last line

Quelle: Scotland

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