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Almost Every Circumstance

  • Seven days are in the week in almost every circumstance
    Ay and four seasons in the year was what we learned at school
    Ah but never count your chickens when you're dealing with the women
    For many's a wise man fell asleep and wakened up a fool

  • The first time I met my love was on a Monday morning
    And the second time I saw her was on Tuesday afternoon
    When she kissed me on a Wednesday I couldn't wait for Thursday
    But I can tell you now my boys that Thursday never came

  • My love she took the wintertime and turned it into springtime
    I never thought that love could change the world so much before
    I gave my heart and in return she promised me the summertime
    But I can tell you now my boys that summer never came

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • english [2000:] A song of unrequited love. This is one of my first songs and when I was writing it in my early twenties, I had already figured out that men can never understand women completely and that women never really understand men completely either. However, in the years since then, I have discovered that one of the great things in life is the challenge of trying to understand each other a little bit more each day and I'm still working on that challenge. I mentioned meeting up with Mick Moloney after singing the Buskers song one night in Philadelphia and since then I'm glad to say that we have swapped songs and yarns in many different parts of the world. Here's one of Mick's stories from life on the road and I include it here because I think it fits very well to the introduction of the song.
    Mick was telling me that while he was up in Alaska one time he met a woman called Sally who informed him that in the state of Alaska there are five men to every woman. Sally lived alone but she let it be known that if she should meet the right man she might be prepared to change her single status. When Mick remarked that her chances seemed good with Alaska's population breakdown of five men to every woman, Sally came up with this wonderful reply. "Well Mick, it's like this", she said, "the odds are good but the goods are odd." This song about the unpredictability of the odds and the goods on the pathway of human relationships is written very much from a man's viewpoint. However, if you're a woman, just turn a few words round here and there and I hope that it will make just as much sense the other way round. (Colum Sands, Between the Earth and the Sky 32)

Quelle: Ireland  (Words & music Colum Sands)

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