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All That You Ask

  • (Kieran Goss)
  • All that you ask me is that I remember
    That I remember what we've been through
    And all that I'm saying is that I'll remember
    That I'll remember you

    Some people say that the miles make no difference
    But miles are the distance between you and me
    So watch out for love, it's not gold 'cause it glistens
    And cheap reminiscence isn't worthy of you

    And it's not all or nothing, and it's not worth the giving
    Love's not worth the living that's put to the test
    'No guarantees' doesn't mean I'm not buying
    It just means I'll keep trying even more than the rest

    There's no sadness in leaving if you leave for a reason
    And the best of our reasons is to come back again
    Tears in the morning can bring joy in the evening
    If you just keep believing that love finds a way

    (as sung by Archie Fisher)

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