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All Around My Hat

  • (Trad)

    All around my hat I will wear the green willow
    And all around my hat, for a twelvemonth and a day
    And if anyone should ask me the reason why I'm wearing it
    It's all for my true love who's far far away

    Fare thee well cold winter and fare thee well cold frost
    Nothing have I gained but my own true love I've lost
    I'll sing and I'll be merry when occasion I do see
    He's a false deluding young man, let him go, farewell he

    The other night he brought me a fine diamond ring
    But he thought to have deprived me of a far better thing
    But I being careful like lovers ought to be
    He's a false deluding young man, let him go, farewell he

    There's a quarter pound of reasons and a half pound of sense
    A small sprig of time and small one of prudence
    You mix them all together and you will plainly see
    He's a false deluding young man, let him go, farewell he

(as sung by Steeleye Span)

All Around My Hat

  • (Trad)

    My love she was fair, and my love she was kind
    And cruel the judge and jury that sentenced her away
    For thieving was a thing that she never was inclined to
    They sent my love across the sea ten thousand miles away.


    All around my hat, I will wear the green willow,
    All around my hat for a year and a day
    And if anyone should question me the reason for my wearing it
    I'll tell them that my own true love is ten thousand miles away.

    I bought my love a golden ring to wear upon her finger
    A token of our own true love and to remember me
    And when she returns again, we never will be parted
    We'll marry and be happy for ever and a day.


    Seven, seven long years my love and I are parted
    Seven, seven long years my love is bound to stay
    Seven long years I'll love my love and never be false-hearted
    And never sigh or sorrow while she's far, far away.


    Some young men there are who are preciously deceitful,
    A-coaxin' of the fair young maids they mean to lead astray
    As soon as they deceive them, so cruelly they leave them
    I'll love my love forever though she's far, far away,


Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • deutsch [1979:] Das Tragen von Blumen sowie dünnen, zarten Zweigen mit vielen Blättern oder Blüten war schon immer ein Zeichen von Treue und Reinheit. In vielen Liebesliedern finden wir daher symbolisch Blumen, grüne Blätter, Zweige u. ä.
    Im Laufe der Jahre haben sich diese Symbole verändert und auch eine politische Bedeutung erlangt. (Bursch 28)

  • english [1979:] English song. The tune and one of the verses are from a song called The Nobleman's Wedding. (Loesberg II, 69)

  • english [1998:] Green willow signified lost love, or being forsaken by a false lover.
    (Bruce Olson,, 24 Nov)

  •  [2000:] Aspirin - or acetyl salicylic acid - is derived from the bark of the willow tree. Hippocrates, the Ancient Greek called the Father of Medicine, noticed that juice from the bark killed pain, particularly for women in labour. The pain-relieving powers of willow leaves were mentioned by the Greek surgeon Dioscorides in AD100, and by the Roman writer Pliny the Elder. [...] Eventually the folk medicine was forgotten. It was rediscovered in 1763 in Chipping Norton, near Oxford. (Anthony Browne, Observer, 24 Sep)

  • english [2003:] The version of All Around My Hat that became a 1970s folk-rock hit consisted of the words to a different song, grafted on to the melody and chorus we all came to know rather too well. Being a bit of a misery myself, I decided to do it slow and mournful and, with the help of ballad supremo David Atkinson, married a tune collected by Baring-Gould (who had replaced the original lyrics with some dreadful doggerel of his own) to a set of words popular amongst street traders. I decided, controversially, to omit the spoken asides between verses, such as "Here's your fine cauliflowers!", which I felt didn't really contribute to the pathos of the story. (Brian Peters, notes Different Tongues)

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