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A Little Bit More

  • (Tommy Sands)
  • cho:
       A little bit more, a little bit more
       Not very much, but a little bit more
       A little bit more, a little bit more
       Not very much, but a little bit more

    When I was young my father said,
    It's time that children went to bed
    But we would always cry and roar,
    I want to stay up just a little bit more

    And when the morning came along
    you could hear that same old song
    When there came a knocking on the door,
    I want to lie on, just a little bit more

    I met a girl called Mary Rose,
    I says, Young girl, can I kiss your nose
    She says, I've met your likes before,
    all that you want is a little bit more

    The barman cries, There's no more beer,
    drink up your drinks and get out of here
    Still you see them hanging round the door,
    hoping to get in for a little bit more

    And when your days are nearly done,
    before you cross that Rubicon
    The doctor says your time is o'er
    but you pray to the Lord for a little bit more

Susannes Folksong Notes

  • english  [1995:] My father used to say that the best sleep is between the time you are called and the time you get up. It's that little bit extra that seems to give the most pleasure, be it in the pub after closing time or an extra fraction of an inch in the Olympic high jump. It's also good for an encore, both for the audience and the performer.

(Notes Tommy Sands, 'The Heart's A Wonder')

Quelle: Tommy Sands

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