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Alice Martin

  • Judy Small / Hugh McDonald
  • But there was nothing sad about Miss Martin
    Her smile lit up the classroom and her laughter filled the air
    She taught us more than grammar in that little country school
    Miss Martin taught us life and love and care

    When I first knew Miss Alice Martin she was thirty-five and starting
    To be seen as having let her chance in life go by
    In the little town where I was growing not much of her life was known
    But rumour said she'd loved a man who'd left her high and dry
    It was the only explanation they could see for her migration
    From the English schools where she'd spend most of her life
    And mothers looked at her so sad because of kids she'd never had
    And all the things she'd missed because she wasn't some man's wife

    Our lessons we learnt thoroughly, we all could add and write and read
    She didn't stand for nonsense though her sense of fun was strong
    We'd sing the songs that children sing and she would play her mandolin
    It seemed to us she must have known a hundred million songs

    My classroom days are now long gone, I've grown up and settled down
    And rarely do I get to see my hometown any more
    Alice Martin still lives there, there's silver through her auburn hair
    And you can still hear her mandolin behind her cottage door

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • [1991:] When I was in primary school there were three teachers I loved. They were not married, and everybody used to talk about them, about one of them in particular, and they'd say, "She's not married - but she keeps dogs," as though those two things could possibly be connected. So I put all those three teachers into one person and wrote this song. (Intro Judy Small)

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