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Activity Room

  • Ruth Pelham
  • Would you like to play bridge and have a nice cup of tea
    In the morning, Mrs. Abrams
    We'll be starting out at ten, Mrs. Iltis and Flora Hazleton
    What we need is a fourth, Ida Yancey's not here
    She's at her sister's in New Jersey
    So, Mrs. Abrams, will you play - what d'ya say

    I haven't played bridge since my husband died
    It's been a while, Mrs. Reilly
    I can hardly remember the rules, I'm really rusty and I'd feel such a fool
    But since you ask I could give it a go
    Mrs. Iltis has a book, she'd lend it I know
    So, Mrs. Reilly, it's tea at ten - I'll see you then

    Would you like to play pool in the tournament
    We could be partners, Mr. Gaffney
    There's a game that begins at two, Mr. Sheenan, Ted Fine against me and you
    I think that we could give them a go
    Maybe both win a trophy
    Mr. Gaffney, will you play - what d'ya say

    I like to catch a little snooze every day about noon
    I get so tired, Mr. Rosen
    There are times when I feel so stiff I can hardly keep a hold of the old queue-
    But since you ask, it doesn't look like rain /stick
    Last night I slept great with the pink pills for the pain
    Mr. Rosen, see you at two - we'll take them on, me and you

    Would you like to play horn in the orchestra
    You'd be terrific, Mr. Lopez
    We'll be tuning up at three, your friend Hal Hirsch plays the tympani
    We'll play some Gershwin and some J. S. Bach
    Can you believe we'll even try a little pop and some rock
    So, Mr. Lopez, will you play - what do you say

    My lip's not in shape, my horn is worn and old
    It's at my brother's, Mrs. Malcolm
    My sight-reading's very slow and I'd hold you back I know
    But since you ask I could maybe drop by
    Fill in for a while if you need me
    So, Mrs. Malcolm, see you at three at the do-re-
    I'll leave and bring my brother with me to the do-re-
    Thanks for asking me to the do-re-mi

(as sung by Iain C. MacKintosh)

Susannes Folksong-Notizen

  • english  [1991:] Wendy Teas from Miami has a keen ear for a good song, and sent me this Ruth Pelham story-song about an old folks home. (Notes Iain MacKintosh, 'Just My Cup of Tea')

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