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Aa'm glad the strike's done

  • (Thomas Kerr)
    • Aa'm glad the strike's done, shooted lang Geordie Reid
      To the group that was standin' aroond
      For the care and anxiety's nigh torned me heid
      And aa's gettin' as thin as a hoond
      For ye knaa me and Jenny had promised te wed
      When the money te start hoose was won
      But the unlucky stop caused wor spirits te drop
      So Aa's glad very glad the strike's done

      Oh, Aa's glad the strike's done, said a half-grown lad
      For wor brass it was gettin' se short
      And the bowlin' and runnin' was gyen te the bad
      And we'd nigh seen the finish te sport
      Te Newcastle Races se merry and blait
      We'll yet start like a shot of a gun
      And it's nane ower late te back one for the Plate
      So Aa's glad very glad the strike's done

      Oh, Aa's glad the strike's done for the sake of me wife
      Says a brave little chap i' the crowd
      For the pinchin' and plannin' and sorrow and strife
      Nearly had the poor lass in her shroud
      Noo wor canny bit bairns'll look tidy and trim
      When te chapel on Sundays they're teun
      And how thankful, says he, iverybody should be
      That the unlucky strike is now done

      Oh, Aa's glad the strike's done, cried oot shopkeeper Joe
      And his words expressed all that he said
      For his fyece wore a smile and his lips give a smack
      As he talked o' the prospects o' trade
      How the business would thrive as it did once before
      And the wheels of prosperity run
      Ay, and Aa'll get mi whack, says shopkeeper Jack
      So Aa's glad very glad the strike's done

      Then the crowd all agreed wi' a nod o' the heed
      They were pleased the bad job was put streight
      And a woman or two as the crowd they passed through
      Give full vent te their happy delight
      While the bairns in the street wi' their voices se sweet
      In the height o' the glory and fun
      Shooted, Hip hip hooray, whey it's settled th' day
      And we're glad very glad the strike's done

    (as sung by the High Level Ranters)

    Plate - Northumberland Plate, a horse race sometimes called the 'miners' derby'


    Susannes Folksong-Notizen

    • english [1975:] A Tyneside journalist, Thomas Kerr wrote this song in 1890. It recounts the hardship and suffering that industrial disputes cause for the entire community, each person feeling the effect in his or her own peculiar way and the relief which follows when eventually all return to work. (Notes 'The Bonnie Pit Laddie')

    Quelle:England (Tyneside)

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    The Bonnie Pit Laddie

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